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Northeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme

Region map


The programme covers the coastline from the Scottish Border to Flamborough Head and commenced in its present guise in September 2008. It is presently designed to run until 2021.

The programme is managed on behalf of the North East Coastal Group and is funded by the Environment Agency, working in partnership with the maritime Local Authorities and other relevant bodies.

» NECO homepage.

Please use the top menu to access regional specific data.

To report a missing or damaged Waverider buoy, please phone Fugro GB Marine Limited on: 07810 697357

If you would like further information about the Northeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme, please use the contact details provided or use our contact form to directly message our Senior Coastal Officer.

North East Coastal Observatory
Robin Siddle, Senior Coastal Officer
Projects Unit, Regeneration and Planning
Scarborough Borough Council
Town Hall
St Nicholas Street
North Yorkshire
YO11 2HG

+44 (0)1723 232444

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