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Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

Seen A Surveyor

Our coastal surveyors are measuring the beaches to see if they are changing. By repeating surveys every 6 months or so, coastal managers can check whether beaches are still in a healthy condition to prevent coastal flooding, or to protect the foundations of seawalls.

You might see these different types of survey equipment:

GPS receivers mounted on a pole or on a backpack (known as Real Time Kinematic GPS)

Sometimes, the GPS receiver is mounted on a quad bike, to speed up data collection

It can even go on a jet ski!

A Laser scanner collects millions of data points in a radius of about 200m. The scanner is then moved to another position, to build up a survey of the whole beach.

A laser scanner can also be mounted on a quad bike

This is what the data from a laser scanner looks like

There is lots more information about all the data collected by the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes, including real-time wave conditions, photos and reports, on this website - start with any of the buttons on the home page, or click on of the Regions on the map to open up information about that individual Region.

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